Tacfit Commando Training System 2018

The Tacfit Commando program was developed by martial arts expert and fitness instructor, Scott Sonnon. This fitness program is not your common work-out weight-loss course. In fact, it has different objectives for the trainee compared to most other fitness programs out there.

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It’s used by some to get fit to fight such as MMA fighters Alberto Gallazzi. While others use the workout techniques to master their body. While most fitness strategies are made for people who wish to physically look better primarily, this one does not really deal with muscle mass building or weight loss at all.

Its main function is to enhance your physical flexibility, this tactical fitness program will help you burn fat with its intensive exercises, thereby building lean muscles, but those are not the major objectives of this program, you can think of the muscle gain and wight loss as a favorable side effect of the work outs.

Your success in the program depends on how far you have actually enhanced your strength, toughness, flexibility, and speed at the end of the course.

Scott Sonnon

What to Expect In Scott Sonnon’s Tacfit Commando Workout Program:

  • Build muscles and boost your endurance using only your own body weight.
  • Implement the work-outs using the same amount of space needed when lying down.
  • Get fit to fight with this exceptional and advanced fighting fitness system.
  • With only 20 minutes few times a week.

The Israeli counter-terrorism, SEALs and American special ops personnel use it, why don’t you?


TACFIT Commando Training System Review

The Tacfit workouts are based upon the very same workouts that Scott Sonnon uses to train special ops soldiers all over the world: including units of the United States military and navy, UK soldiers, counter-terrorism forces, and paratroopers of the Israeli Defense Forces.

The workouts are in fact a total body-weight workout. That’s why I said you do not need to go to the fitness center or work out with physical fitness equipment’s any longer.

The sooner you start the quicker you will see the dramatic improvement in mobility and flexibility in your body. All you have to do is implement the training system which can be performed in a small area in your home. Which means this program could be performed in your bedroom, living room, or in the garage, and it takes about 15 to 30 minutes of your time.

So the program is actually ideal for busy people: people who don’t have adequate time to exercise at the fitness center, for stay-at-home moms, or for those who don’t want to spend more money for health club memberships or individual personal trainer’s.


The Tacfit training system is a comprehensive exercise program with four levels: intensity, no strength, low strength, moderate intensity, and high strength. With the division of the program you can adjust the workout exercises according to your body condition. Similar to other body fitness exercise programs, it also offers you with terrific dietary suggestions.

There are interesting and illustrative pages in the Tacfit guide which discusses the details of the program and assisting or guiding you from the beginning to the end of the tactical fitness system.

Hardcore Tactical Fitness Secrets of the SpecOps

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Levels  Of Fitness Exercises In The Program

In the beginning, you’ll be expected to begin with the Tacfit workouts that meet your individual body fitness level and after that prepare your workout routines according to the task force task calendar offered that comes along with the program.

Newbies can start with the simplest sophistication level getting accustomed to the work-outs before proceeding in raising the intricacy of the work-outs little by little as their physiques becomes more powerful.

The video lessons of the program are the main source of the training and the pdf guide is a valuable tool that comes along with the program. The most recent edition of the program makes it more portable. Meaning it can be accessed from your iPhone, tablet or smartphone relying on the capability of your device.

So discovering and being successful with this program can be done anywhere with a internet connection for accessing the Tactical Fitness Commando members area. Or it can be downloaded to your hard-drive or memory storage device.

The tacfit workouts in this program open an entire totally new spectrum of physical fitness for it’s members and newbies. This will certainly allow you to develop a new level of physical fitness and a brand-new range of physical capabilities.buy tacfit

As soldiers place their emphasis on physical movement, strength, endurance capability of body and not on looks, therefore individuals who really want to build muscles ought to not buy this program system.

Again you will not become a bodybuilder with the Tactical Fitness Commando System, however, you can benefit from it by burning a great deal of body fat and building lean muscle tissue. This will not make you look bulky but it will help you build that compact muscle firmness that certain athletes get and need to win.

In addition, you will condition your muscles for even more versatility, higher bursting power, and bigger variety of movement. And you can do this anywhere you want since all the exercises in this program are strictly body-weight exercises which require a small workout area.

One thing which I really like about this program is the subject and insights on recuperation. All of us know how a workout can drain your strength. Soldiers don’t have the luxury of being drained.

Even after a 10 mile run, they require to be able to storm the closest hill. This is why Scott Sonnon includes in-depth recuperation techniques to help you return on your feet after extensive workouts.

Tacfit Commando Program

A few things that you will learn from Scott Sonnon Tactical Fitness Commando 2.0 program listed below:

    • Innovative and extreme body weight work outs that burns fat and gets you in shape.
    • Excellent yoga-like motions to decompress the joints.
    • Training has to do with quality not on amount of exercises performed.

It also provides means to utilize your breathing to manage tension throughout workouts and stretches. Also explaining why the Tabatha protocol is the tool to build your fitness and health.

This program shows that you do not have to go to the gym and train for hours a day in order to get physically healthy and fit. The concept started when Scott Sonnon recognized that some training programs were too soft, in that there was rarely any enhancements or recognition made on the worry that it would burn out an athlete after such workouts.

On the other side, there were a variety of programs that were too brutal and too simplified, which did produce exceptional results, but likewise left an athlete burnt out and vulnerable to injury. The trouble was over training and under training. Rather of one or the other, Scott Sonnon sought to produce a balance in between the two.

His 4×7 programs, which have actually been featured in all of CST (Circular Strength Training) workouts. Tacfit therefore is an advanced and new technique in core strength & conditioning training.

In truth, these types of regimens are made in order to meet the requirements of a soldier. Therefore if you’re all set to draw out the soldier in your soul along with getting in the finest lean muscle shape in your life, purchase the Scott Sonnon’s Tactical Fitness Commando workout course today.


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Tacfit Commando:Hardcore Tactical Fitness Secrets Of the Special Ops