How To Increase Muscle & Strength At Home

The Top 10 Motives Why You Should Exercise Regularly

1. Looking good. That’s a given… you know it’s true. Everything else is really important, but looking good is number one!

Ten Reasons for Regular Exercise2. Lean muscle mass burns fat for energy. Physiologically speaking, this is the bottom line. Excess fat creates all kinds of problems, increasing the potential for diabetes, heart disease, various kinds of arthritis, and even cancer.

Recent medical research has shown that fat cells are tiny metabolic factories. They don’t just sit there on your belly or thighs, they’re busy churning out a large variety of proteins that can lead to illness and disease.

So, it’s a very good idea to reduce your level of body fat to the amount that’s healthy for you. This amount can be estimated, not calculated exactly, but your body knows what to do once it’s provided with the right raw material.

get a healthy and strong body

The lean muscle mass you build during regular, consistent exercise is a natural fat-fighter. Lean muscle mass is metabolically active and requires a lot of energy – this energy comes from fat cells. When you’re fit, your body even burns fat (consumes calories) when you’re watching TV or sleeping.

3. Flexibility. This benefit could also be named “use it or lose it”. Our bodies were designed for vigorous physical work – hunting and gathering. In the 21st century, there aren’t a lot of four-legged predators around to keep us on our toes. Most of us have jobs that are sedentary. We need to keep the parts moving.

Exercise revitalizes muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints by bringing lots of blood to these tissues. And, most forms of exercise are full range-of-motion activities, renewing muscle and joint flexibility during each exercise session.

4. Injury prevention. As I just mentioned, most exercises train your muscles and joints throughout their full range of motion. These muscles and joints are learning to adjust dynamically to mechanical loads, often at the extremes of motion. This highly beneficial training has many real-world applications outside the four walls of your gym.

Let’s say you’re out for a walk in New York City or San Francisco, admiring the scenery. Suddenly you step on an uneven section of pavement or your shoe gets caught momentarily in a metal grating, and your ankle turns over. Maybe your ankle turns over really far. For some people, the result might be a bad ankle sprain. But the ankles of fit exercisers have been well-trained. Their ankles can tolerate extremes of position without damage being done to joint capsules, ligaments, or tendons. You stumble, shake it off, and walk away. Exercise time has been very well spent!

From another point of view, I know a lot of people who used to have back pain but don’t anymore because they started running or swimming. Periodic back injuries resolved with whole-body exercise. That’s pretty dramatic. Now running isn’t for everybody, but if you are able to run there are many unexpected benefits.

5. Weight management. For any weight-management food plan to be effective in the long-term, regular exercise needs to be part of the new lifestyle. Any popular diet can look like its working in the short-term. First, these diets are a real shock to the system, and most of them result in significant losses of water weight in the early going.


But most of the time, the weight lost in the first few weeks creeps back over the next few months. Possibly the person winds up weighing even more than they did when they started the fad diet.

What’s missing? First of all, what’s missing is a food plan that’s based on sound nutritional principles. Also, in the context of our Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Regularly, what’s missing is the exercise component. To effectively lose weight, a healthy food plan needs to be combined with a regular exercise plan.

In order to lose weight naturally, your body needs to be burning more calories than you’re taking in. Regular exercise raises what’s called your basal metabolic rate. This is the amount of energy your body uses when it’s resting. By building metabolically active lean muscle mass, regular exercise increases your body’s overall demand for energy.

You provide less fuel by eating less, and your new-and-improved fit metabolism will do the rest by burning off excess fat!

6. Have more fun with your kids. Your kids, your grand-kids, your friends’ kids, big kids (like us). Basically, have more fun.

It’s tough when you walk in the door of your brother’s or sister’s house and your 5-year-old niece or nephew runs toward you with outstretched arms, ready to giggle, laugh, and scream with joy. The kid is anticipating you’re going to swoop her off the floor and swing her high over your head, up, down, and around.

Big-time fun. But, your back is stiff and tight, you’ve got a shoulder injury, or something else is not quite right. Bummer. The best you can do is kneel down and hug the kid, giving them a warm smile and maybe tousle their hair a bit. They know you love them, but the fun part is not quite the same.

Regular exercise gives you the flexibility, strength, and overall fitness to play freely, with abandon, the way children like to play.

7. Power up your brain. Recent medical research is showing that regular exercise makes people smarter. Not in the sense of increasing your IQ points, but rather by making more of your brain available for use.

brain power. One explanation makes use of the fact that regular exercise improves circulation throughout your body. More blood flowing means more energy-providing glucose is reaching the cells that need it most. And, as your brain is your body’s biggest consumer of glucose, more available glucose means more and better brain activity. You just got smarter!

8. Creativity boost. It’s well-known that regular exercise enhances creativity. It’s a Zen thing. Your conscious mind is focused on the repetitive actions of your exercise, leaving the creative part of your brain (sometimes called the subconscious) free to do its job.

A few years ago I was finishing work on the third act of a screenplay. This terrific project had gone pretty smoothly, and yet I was a little stuck on how the different plot lines would come together at the end. I wanted the climax to be both surprising and thrilling, and I wasn’t sure how to get there.

Finally, I remembered that many of my good ideas have popped into my head while I was running. I put on my New Balance 990s and headed off to Central Park, vowing to clear my mind and let go of everything I had been thinking about.

Toward the end of my 4-mile run, just jogging around the reservoir at the north end of the park, my gaze landed on the unusual superstructure of a Fifth Avenue high-rise. Suddenly, the entire third act climax unfolded in my imagination, stimulated by the shape of the building.

I remember that moment as if it were yesterday. Exercise boosts creativity, allowing you to tap into a vast storehouse of new ideas!

9. More restful sleep. As a society, Americans do not sleep well. In 2005 the number one sleeping aid, Ambien, earned $1.7 billion in annual sales. At the time, Lunesta (number two) earned more than $300 million in its first year on the market.

There are many complex causes for sleeplessness and restless sleep, but regular exercise often provides a simple, cost-free cure. Restful sleep is yet another unexpected and welcome benefit from regular exercise.

As a case study of one, when I’m exercising regularly (that is to say, most of the time) I fall asleep right away. I turn out the lights and that’s it. I’m asleep. If I’ve gone for a week without any exercise (truth in advertising – this does happen), I notice I start to have difficulty falling asleep. And, I start to toss-and-turn. There’s a direct correlation. As soon as I’m exercising again, I start falling asleep easily.

The explanation is straightforward – you’re doing vigorous physical work and your body needs to recover. Sleep allows your body to repair and rebuild, getting stronger in the process. Regardless of one’s stresses and worries, vigorous exercise makes a physical demand on your body that will put you right to sleep.

10. Increased sense of well-being from enhanced endorphin production. Endorphins are a natural opiate, produced in your brain in response to vigorous physical activity. The well-known “runner’s high” has been linked to the endorphin response.

Endorphins cause you to feel good. You feel “on top of the world” – problems lose their sense of oppression, you begin to see solutions more clearly and easily, and new ideas start to flow. This is all very good news.

The post-exercise endorphin rush literally puts a smile on your face. You experience a renewed sense of “being alive” and you can’t wait to get into action and put your ideas to work.

Thanks to endorphins, regular exercise provides a natural “attitude adjustment” that doesn’t require ingesting artificial substances. This good feeling can last all day long. The immediate and long-term results are totally empowering!

How To Get Fit And The Body You Want

I know you want to get fit. I know you’re tired of being embarrassed to wear summer clothes. But you can’t go from where you are to looking like a fitness model or bodybuilder instantly. As frustrating as it might be, gradual change is the only way to go, no matter how frustrated you are.

Change Gradually to Get the Great Body You Want

This is an especially difficult concept for guys to deal with. It’s our nature to dive head first into something new, damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead and all that. We sit on our butts all week at the office, then stupidly expect to outdo our kids at their favorite sports on the weekend. We have a hard time with half measures.

That said, lets look at this realistically. You don’t look the way you want, or you wouldn’t be reading this. The reason you don’t have the fitness you want is because of your lifestyle. You’re going to have to make some pretty significant changes in your life. It’s going to take a lot to go from where you are now to having the body you’re dreaming of. But there are two problems with making the transition all at once.

The first is death. If you are really out of shape, you could kill yourself trying to change too fast. That’s why you should see a doctor before starting a major workout program. If you try to go from your sedentary lifestyle & pigging out to major workouts and eating like a body builder too fast, your body is going to react badly. Too much change too fast is no good for you. Your body needs a chance to adjust to changing demands and nutrition. You’ll get ill or hurt yourself.

If you jump all at once, your mind is going to rebel too. You won’t be able to do the full exercise program, and your gut will demand its daily extra-cheese pizza. You won’t see any significant results right away, and you’ll give up on the whole thing in disgust.

Finally, if you do change everything at once and somehow manage to avoid a physical or mental breakdown, you’ll be missing something else. You won’t know what works for you. Did changing your diet do the trick, or was your new diet useless with great results from the workouts? Would you get better results from eating fewer carbs or lifting more weights? There’s no way to know.

Get Fit And Stay Fit

None of this would be a big deal if you immediately start with a program that let you get fit without having to make any mid-course corrections. But that seldom happens. Most of the time, you need to modify and tweak things as you go along to keep moving in the right direction. You can’t tell which things to adjust if you went crazy and changed your entire lifestyle at one.

Gradual change is a better way. By changing one thing at a time, for example skipping the milkshake at lunch, you’ll start moving in the right direction without too much stress. Your body can easily adapt to small changes. You won’t hurt yourself and quit because it is too hard. Instead, you’ll have one success under your belt and be ready to move on to the next step.

So there you have it. Change your lifestyle gradually to succeed. You won’t get there as fast as you would if you could dive in head first and change everything at once, but when has that approach ever worked for you anyway?

Ways to Lose Weight – Are There Any Easy Ways to Lose Weight?

Are there any easy ways to drop weight? It’s common knowledge that diet, cutting down on food intake, and exercise, increasing calories burned, combine into a formula for weight loss. But the hard part is sticking to a low calorie, and often bland, diet. It won’t be effortless, but with a little work it sure is possible. Here are some tips to make it easier.

  • Keep a daily log of everything that passes your lips. Writing down everything you eat and drink, even water, will help you eat less. Studies show that people eat 15% less when they track everything they eat. That’s significant.
  • The average American consumes an additional 245 calories per day just from drinks. Switch from juice, soda, and other calorie drinks to water. 245 calories a day add up to 90,000 calories in the course of a year. That’s 25 lbs. Water isn’t that bad, is it? Keep in mind too that juice and soda don’t trigger a feeling of fullness, despite their calories.
  • Grazing, eating more smaller meals during the day rather than a few large meals, is another way to drop weight. Eating more meals with smaller portions results in eating 30% fewer calories. You’re also less likely to binge because the body won’t produce as much insulin which leads to hunger.
  • Make sure your wardrobe only includes the “skinny” clothes. If you don’t have clothing that’s comfortable when you’re heavier, you’re more likely to be reminded to keep the weight off every time you dress. And if you have to buy a whole new wardrobe you’re less likely to gain weight.
  • Switch to smaller plates. It’s proven that people eat what’s in front of them. Smaller plates mean smaller portions, so put the salad plates into use as the main plate.
  • Try serving meals on the plate, restaurant style, rather than in bowls and on trays. When the plate is empty the meal is over, instead of spooning another portion onto your plate.
  • Don’t eat white bread, sugar or white rice. Those foods are loaded with carbohydrates which lead to higher blood sugar and weight gain. Stick to whole grain breads and dark rice. Don’t be concerned with the sugar, pretty soon you won’t miss it.

Weight loss isn’t easy, but relatively speaking there are easy ways to lose weight. Don’t think it won’t take a little work. If weight loss were easy everyone would be slim all the time.

Use Competition To Build A Better Physique

Really big things can only be achieved through competing regularly. By engaging better athletes in competition, good athletes improve. Businesses get better (or go out of business) by competing with better businesses. We are spurred forward by competition. Coach Sonnon of the Circular Strength Training® system likes to point out the etymology of the word. It derives from the latin con and petire which in essence is to seek together. By entering into competition we seek excellence through our interaction with others. We push each other forward.

When faced with discomfort (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) we tend to back off, unless we are driven by something bigger. In that moment when I feel like I am at or beyond my physical limit, the only thing that can pull me forward and help me break out that last bit of effort is my focus on competing at my peak. Consider the Will Smith secret to success. If you get on the treadmill with him, you’ll get off first or he’ll die trying to stay on longer. That’s the power of competition.

It’s no longer acceptable to hold competition as a valuable tool in this day and age. We teach kids that as long as they are having fun, nothing else matters. It seems that everyone gets to be right. Everyone gets to win. All the time! Now, I am not saying that we should not encourage our kids to have fun. Learning and having fun are linked. But we should also be teaching them that there is a value in seeking to improve every time out.

They should want to win, or at least do better than they did the last time. And losing should come with some sort of bad feeling and self-reflection! And want to figure out how to improve. Those are valuable lessons that our politically correct dogma is trying to whitewash. I agree that competition is not about winning and losing. But it is about using winning and losing as a tool to grow and improve!!!

If you want to inch ever closer to your potential, you need to constantly slip past your comfort zone. That is a very hard thing to do on your own. The most powerful catalyst is competition. Competition in an organized form is not necessary however.

Sometimes something as simple as having a training partner who pushes you is, in itself, a form of competition. But something needs to be driving you forward and making you examine yourself when you don’t make the grade. If you are in the fitness dip, and need some extra motivation, start looking for a challenge to break through the barrier and achieve excellence.

Best Strength Training For Endurance Athletes Program

There are numerous elements which determine how fast you will build muscles. One popular and proven method is strength training. But if you decide to take this method of muscle building you will definitely be able to develop muscles if you have an effective strength training workout. One which truly puts your muscular tissues to their restrictions on a weekly basis.

The other aspect is a correct meal plan. If you wish to get torn, mass up, or just construct some muscles, you are going to require a great meal plan. A dish meal with an excellent quantity of protein, carbs, fats. Below are 5 killer strength training exercises, which will assist you build muscle fast.

1) 1 Arm Pinhead Rom – In order to perform this exercises, get a pinhead and also a bench. With one hand hold the dumbbell and also location your various other hand on the bench for support. To begin, the pinhead needs to be hanging, utilizing your shoulder bring the dumbbell around your chest. Then slowly lesser the dumbbell to the starting position. Make sure to keep your elbow tight to your side. Perform for 3 sets of 10-12 reps each.

2) Push Aways – With resistance bands coiled a post as well as your back to the pole, grab the resistance bands from behind your head. With resistance band deals with in each hand, stroll a couple of steps out to where the bands have stress. In a staggered posture, bring your arms onward till your joints are directly, then gradually bring them back to behind your head. Carry out for 3 sets of 10-12 representatives each.

3) Draw Ups – I’m sure you have listened to and know exactly what a bring up is, yet if you do not right here is just what to do. Discover a straight bar and also cover your fingers around it. Draw on your own up. To do this the most efficient tactic, pull up in 1 2nd as well as allow your self down in 2 seconds. Do this for 3 collections of 10 – 12 reps each. Do not touch the ground throughout a collection.

4) Dumbbell Press – To perform this exercise, get hold of 2 dumbbells of the same weight as well as put down on a bench. With a pinhead in each hand raise them up till your arm joints are straight, then lesser them gradually. To this for 3 sets of 10-12 each.

5) Squats with a dumbbell Spin – To do this workout, get two pinheads of very same weight. Stand directly as well as with the dumbbells at your shoulder. Your arm joint need to make a 90 degree angle. Lesser your body downward as for you can without injuring on your own or shedding equilibrium. Then utilizing your leg muscular tissue, drive your your physical body back up. As soon as you stand up, raise the dumbbells directly up then bring them back down to the starting position slowly. Repeat for 3 sets of 10-12 reps each.

Video:US Army Physical Fitness Exercises

This are very easy, yet effective strength training workouts. Nonetheless, your body gets to a plateau when you repeat the very same physical exercises over as well as over once more. They merely considering that inefficient. It is most ideal to have a wide range of workouts to perform, together with a high healthy protein, healthy diet.

Author: Scott Hurst