1 thought on “Tacfit Commando Questions Answered by Scott Sonnon

  1. Scott,
    I purchased the TacFit Commando program about 10 years ago. I’ve completed the program about three times with alternating on the Kettlebells. I’ve taken a few breaks. I’m presently starting the program again. At 82 I’ve found that Progress isn’t as rapid and recovery takes longer. I takes me about two months to get to the level that is acceptable to me for a program. I am presently in my second month of Recruit Level 2 and will probably move up to level three in August. I don’t know if I’ll make it through Commando but time will tell. You have developed a terrific program and I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into it. I introduced TacFit to several people who said they wanted to get fit and I don’t know if any of them followed it all the way through.
    By my assessment, you are approaching 60. Have you considered developing a program for octogenarians? As we age, balance and coordination suffer along with strength. People constantly comment on my health. I don’t have a doctor and don’t take any prescription medications. I do take vitamin and mineral supplements. I believe a significant factor in my health is the TacFit program.

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