Alex Larsson’s Hyperbolic Stretching Review

Okay, if you’re someone who likes to stay abreast with current fitness trends, you must’ve already heard about Hyperbolic Stretching. This is the full-body stretching program designed and created by Mr. Alex Larsson. The program claims to incorporate an all out and comprehensive stretching routine that can be considered the ‘next-level of stretching.’

So, what is next-level stretching? This is the kind of stretching regimen that will enhance your flexibility, help you get toned, lose weight and bulk up as well. And Mr. Larsson and the promoters of the Hyperbolic Stretching program claim that the latter is just such a stretching program that comes with a host of benefits that you can never expect from traditional, old-school stretching routines.

hyperbolic stretching review

What is more, the program claims that you only need to spend 8 minutes a day for 30 days and you’ll already see the benefits of this novel stretching routine. Now, 8 minutes a day for 30 days count up to a total of 240 minutes. That is not a lot of time by any stretch of imagination and this ought to sound appealing to a lot of people who do not have enough time to spend on lengthy workout routines but who want to stay healthy and in good physical shape all the same.

Now, that’s for the claims made. But does the program really deliver on everything that it claims to be? So, let’s have a closer look at what this Hyperbolic Stretching program really is; what sort of exercises it incorporates; and how and why it is better than traditional stretching routines, if it really is.

What Are Hyperbolic Stretching Exercises?

The program had actually started out as a series of four illustrated e-books on advanced stretching techniques (more on this later). In its current avatar, though, it consists of 5 different video series content. These are:

• 4-weeks Side Splits Series
• 4 –weeks Front Splits Series
• Complete Upper body Stretching
• Dynamic Stretching & Flexibility
• Easy Bridge
• Pike Mastery

flexibility program

You’ll simply need to follow the instructions on the video. And you can take it in your own pace. Pay attention to the instructions and the postures as shown on the video and try to get th0se stretches right. As with any exercise, wrong postures can hurt big time—but we don’t really need to iterate that, right?

In addition, the program is also split into 5 different stages:

• Split test
• Warm up series
• Exercises for weeks 1-3
• Exercises for week 4
• Flexibility maintenance routine

From week one to four, there is an increase in the complexity of the exercises. You start simple, and then slowly progress to harder and more complex exercises.

Now, the program claims that “everybody” can use it and can reap the benefits from the materials included. (NOTE, however, that there are two different versions of the program: ‘men’ and ‘women’, but we’ll have more to talk about this later). This means it matters little what age you are or whether or not you’re in the habit of following a workout routine. You’ll still benefit from using this stretching and flexibility program.

And there is some truth to this claim. In fact, one thing I love about the program is its flexibility. Although the sales pitch says (understandably enough!) “eight minutes of stretching for four weeks…etc., etc.”, once you delve into the program, you’ll find there are different levels of complexity. And depending on your ability and requirements, you can actually choose and customize how you want to use the program.

Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching

• Full body flexibility
• Stress relief
• Enhanced core strength
• Improved range of motion (ROM)
• Fat loss
• Reduced cellulite (for women)
• Overall better body confidence (and subsequently, higher self-esteem)

Now, these are the claimed benefits from the developer of the program. And I’ll have to admit that although there is an element of hype about it, for the most part, all of these claims are legit.

So, now let’s us see how and why.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching Legit?

So, what is the theory behind hyperbolic stretching and is the thing legit, after all?

Well, first of all, we all know that stretching helps us limber up, which means there are fewer chances of contacting injury during the actual workout. Similarly, post-workout stretching helps prevent muscle soreness and injury.

Now, basically, what stretching does is help us gain hip mobility (and this includes both static and dynamic stretching, although some recent studies root for dynamic stretching and suggest that static stretching can actually be harmful, at least in certain cases). As such, stress relief and full muscle flexibility both are basic goals for any stretching routine.

Larsson’s program, however, pays particular emphasis on exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. And since the letter muscle group works glute, core and back muscles, I personally have found that the exercises work slightly better in helping me gain full muscle flexibility than traditional stretching routines.

hyperbolic stretching program

Now, come to strengthening the muscles, we all know by this time that there is some bodyweight resistance involved in most stretching routines but the very basic ones. Runners and other athletes, for example, routinely include stuff like cobra stretch, side lunge, supine hamstring stretch, forward lunge, side seat straddle and even squats as part of their stretching program. Then, there is yoga which also incorporates some bodyweight resistance, but nobody really looks at yoga as strength training, right?

Now, I was never into yoga myself. However, now having followed Larsson’s routine, I do believe that it has enhanced my core strength and improved my ROM. That said, there is a caveat here. And that is whether Hyperbolic Stretching would be of any benefit as a standalone routine?

I’m not in a position to answer this since I’ve always incorporated the program within my whole workout routine. Specifically, I’ve used the exercises as a post-workout activity and I’ve found this to have increased my overall athletic performance and muscular strength.

As such, I’ve tried to search for testimonials from people who have used the program as a standalone routine. In other words, people that have taken up the so-called “hyperbolic stretching challenge.”

I found three testimonials from real people who used this program.

You can find these testimonials in the links given below:


According to all three testimonials, the users say that they lost fat and achieved toned muscles much quicker than they expected to do with the Hyperbolic’s 28-day challenge. Note, however, that one advanced user does say that pursuing the program has actually impeded his ability to do a full front split.

Who is Alex Larsson?

So, who exactly is Alex Larsson and when did he create the hyperbolic stretching program?

Well, the last we knew, Alex Larsson is a computer programmer, fitness enthusiast and an MMA practitioner. In the fitness world, of course, he is widely recognized as the developer of the Hyperbolic Stretching Program. According to Larsson, he had been working as a software engineer till 2018 but he was not altogether satisfied with his job and its nature—long hours, sedentary lifestyle, etc. That is when he struck upon the idea of creating the program which, he hoped, may help him break free from his then current lifestyle and devote more of his time to what he is most passionate about, fitness and MMA.

Subsequently, he started working on developing the program which first hit the market back in 2019. In its earliest avatar, though, the program didn’t feature any video contents. Instead, it consisted of four e-books: the core book Hyperbolic Stretching, complimented by three bonus e-books—Fullbody Workout, Mind Power Unleashed and the 8-Minute Workout.

Since then, however, the program has been redesigned as a video series (presumably, in response to more than a few gripes since we’re so accustomed these days to audiovisual content. Going through a ‘book’—what age we’re living in?!).

Why Does the Program Have a Male and Female Option?

The Hyperbolic Stretching program is available in two different versions for men and women and this is apparently based on the assumption that their lies some significant difference between how the two sexes respond to various stretching routines. Although, most stretching routines these days tend to become inclusive, there are some studies that claim that there is a difference between how ROM and MTS (musculotendinous stiffness) are affected in men and women after bouts of pre- or post-workout stretching.

Conclusion of Hyperbolic Stretching Review

So, is hyperbolic stretching worth giving a go? I would say, yes. Is it definitely better than traditional stretching programs or other health programs, such as yoga? Honestly, I cannot give any definitive answer to that. For one thing, when we talk about traditional or old-school stretching, there is no one set routine. Different people (for example, casual or recreational fitness enthusiasts, athletes, runners, sportspersons, MMA practitioners, and so on) opt for different stretching regimens. Secondly, as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve not used the program independently, and I’ve never practiced yoga (or any other such alternative fitness routines).

From my experience, however, the program (priced at a paltry $27 and that, too, with a 60-day money back guarantee) is definitely worth giving a try. If not anything, the program at least offers you a clear roadmap on how to go about your stretching routine and more importantly, it presents you with a comprehensive stretching regimen (and having that is so much better than scouring the internet, and YouTube especially, for miracle exercise routines—read planks and the like—that help you shed extra weight and gain toned muscles in virtually no time!)

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