Eat Stop Eat Review

If you haven’t heard about Brad Pilon’s book Eat Stop Eat you are probably wondering if it’s right for and your weight loss diet plan. So what’s Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon’s intermittent fasting about?

The Eat Stop Eat diet plan by Brad Pilon is an amazing weight loss method that recommends short but regular 24 hour fasting which you can do once or twice per week. It is supported by scientific research and known to be the way ancient people ate also know as the cave man diet.

Brad Pilon recommends a simple procedure for losing weight in his diet. It’s easy to practice and the results include increased growth hormones and lowered insulin levels. He even states that a short-term fast can make it possible. Below is our full review of Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.


What’s Inside The Eat- Stop-Eat Diet?

It is a diet created by Brad Pillion that uses an intermittent fasting and eating program. So what brought about this eat stop eat diet? Brad Pillion, after researching the health and nutrition arena for many years concluded that staying hungry by means of fasting is the sole true way of losing weight. So what is this program?

It has its basis on the ancient principles of restricting and avoiding food intake for short duration of time, to prevent larger consumption of foods from being stored as fat inside the body. It is recommended to speak with your physician first regarding the diet to ensure that it will suit you and your body.

What Makes The Eat Stop Eat Diet Work?

The human body is in a repeating cycle of eating and fasting. This, as claimed by Pilion gives the human body an opportunity to burn off stored fat which is a result of EAT STOP EAT eating large amounts of food at once. Pillion also claims that fasting intermittently is the technique by which ancient human ancestors ate and will result in loss of weight.

The other added advantage that might help eat stop eat with weight loss in an efficient manner is the fact that it does not require calorie counting. There is a study eat stop eat done in 2012 on obese women, in the Nutrition Journal which in fact suggests that intermittent fasting indeed helps with weight loss. The drawback is that many people eat stop eat tend to eat larger meals after the fast, this however, is not recommended by the Eat-Stop-Eat diet as it acts against the calorie restriction achieved during the fast.

intermittent fasting indeed helps with weight loss

What Makes Eat Stop Eat Different?

So what does the Eat Stop Eat Diet take? It requires 24 hour fasts once or twice per week. This does not completely mean that one would go for an entire day without eating anything. The fast starts at 6.00 pm and ends at 6.00 pm the next day. That is to eat stop eat say, that on day 1, your could eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and early dinner and then stop eating until dinner the next day, that is Day2.

What foods are eaten on the diet? Not any specific food is restricted on the diet, however nutritional foods such as fruits, vegetables and lean meat(Protein) are advised while on the eat stop eat diet. While on the diet, Pilion recommends mild weight training twice or thrice a week. Additionally other exercises such as Yoga, Bike riding, jogging or swimming could also be included while on Eat Stop Eat.

exercises during fasting

People who have been on this diet have done eat stop eat no cardio exercises and at many a times no strength training exercises as well. It has been found that this kind of a diet is very unobtrusive, there is no need to prepare special meals and the even the need to think about what you are eating is eradicated. All you do is just stop eating and then after the fast, resume eating as if nothing has ever changed.

Some people have noticed that they have had hunger pangs during the course of the fast, but that soon faded away when they quickly shifted their focus and moved on to do work to keep them busy. People noticed that here mind was more of a blur towards the last three to four hours of eat stop eat the fast. They were basically able to do their daily mundane activities but found it difficult to focus on work that required additional brain power.

The advantage noted by eat stop eat many is that this style of diet is very flexible, for example one can choose as to which day of the week they want to fast. If there is a presentation at work or a test at school, they can choose not to fast on that particular day. A side effect interestingly noted by many was that there was an increase in productivity.

The day of the fast there were less to think about food or cooking or cleaning dishes for that matter. The precaution that should be taken into consideration while on eat stop eat this diet, is that when you are eating, do not overeat or compensate the calories that have been loss by the fast. Eat Stop Eat is available in text and audio and also as an ebook. “How much Protein?” And the “Ten Day Diet Solution are also ebooks that accompany the program.


Conclusion On Eat Stop Eat

What are the potential health benefits and is the Eat Stop Eat Diet the right for you? Fasting as a tool used to reduce the calorie consumption is very efficient in weight loss. Reduction in calories is associated with lower blood pressure and a reduction in the risk of heart diseases as per an article published by American Journal of Clinical in 2007.

It also results in reduced insulin level and increased sensitivity to growth hormone levels. Consult your doctor before embarking on the weight loss journey with Eat Stop Eat. It is not suited eat stop eat for children, pregnant women and people with a history of eating disorders.

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