How To Fast For Weight Loss Tips

Are you tired of your fat body? Many people nowadays are suffering from an overweight condition and obesity. Diet plays an important role in these problems as well as the rate of the body’s metabolism and appetite. For these reasons, people with problems on their weight are searching for effective ways on how they could lose weight.

An effective method recommendable above others is the intermittent fasting how to program. This diet plan uses the idea of fasting in controlling one’s body weight. This is helpful in establishing a normal body weight and aids as well in maintaining the achieved normal weight for a long time. And it’s one of the ways in how to lose weight fast and easy.

Benefits Of Fasting

Some of the advantages of fasting and the reason why its is recognized as the greatest diet are the following:

  • it is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight,
  • it allows you to feel better physically and mentally,
  • it allows you to look and feel younger,
  • it saves your income,
  • it provides the systems of your body a rest,
  • it clears out the system,
  • it reduces blood pressure and levels of cholesterol,
  • it boosts your sex life,
  • it allows your body heal itself,
  • it reduces anxiety,
  • it enables you to sleep better,
  • it greatly improves your digestive system,
  • it helps in regulating the bowel movement,
  • it drops the aging process, and much more.
fasting for weight loss tips

How To Fast For Weight Loss

The idea behind how to fast for weight loss lies on more fluid consumption than solid food consumption. It is advisable to take 8-10 glasses of water everyday to help you feel full even though you are eating little amounts of food.  Aside from water, other nutritious fluids are recommended to take in order to keep up with the body’s nutritional requirement.

Examples of these nutritious fluids are fruit juices, non-fat milk, yogurts and vegetable purees. The intake of fluids is complemented by small but frequent consumption of very light meals like egg white omelet, soups and bread.

These light meals help in stabilizing sugar levels despite little amounts of food consumption. You can freely formulate your own diet based on these food advice’s or you can also seek a nutritionist to do the work for you.

intermittent fasting for weight loss plan

Eating Cabbage Soup For Fasting?

An example of a healthful fasting diet is the cabbage soup diet, a seven day diet that concerns feeding on cabbage soup and water, and a few restrained set of foods.

Cabbage soup provides your body with a healthy source of vitamins and minerals when you are on a fasting diet. This will let you shed 8 to 10 pounds within only a week on a steady source of nutrients.

The recipe is composed of six big onions, green bell peppers, dried or diced tomatoes, a stalk of celery, mushrooms, carrots, and one and a half head of cabbage, along with seasoning like garlic and salt. In addition to these components, you may also alter the recipe so that it won’t be monotonous throughout the duration of the fasting diet.

As for the fasting diet by itself, for the duration of the very first day, eat only the cabbage soup and any fruits with the exception of banana. You could drink unsweetened tea, black coffee and water. For the next day, consume fresh, raw or cooked veggies except dry beans, peas, and sweet corn, and also much cabbage soup that you want.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Do not eat fruits. For dinner, eat a big baked potato. For the third day, eat as much as fruit, vegetables, and soup that you want. For the fourth day, consume eight bananas and consume as many glasses of skim milk, along with the cabbage soup. For the fifth day, you may feed on meat by means of 300-500g of beef, broiled or baked skin free chicken, or broiled fish.

Eat the cabbage soup at least once. For the sixth day, eat beef and clean greens or salad, along with at least one serving of cabbage soup. On the last day, you can begin consuming unsweetened fruit juice, vegetables, rice, and cabbage soup.


How To Make Fasting Work For You

Discipline is very important in fasting weight loss program. This is the key in achieving the desired weight so it is important to be determined while fasting. However, whenever you have failed to follow your diet regimen don’t readily lose hope. It is normal to have few lapses but what’s important is to return back in the diet program.

In the long term, this diet regimen can have beneficial effects.  It primarily suppresses appetite so after fasting, you can easily have a control over your appetite.  This is significant as the amount of one’s food intake depends on his appetite.

A day of fasting allows you to lose 4-5 lbs, up to 10 lbs on a saturday or sunday fast, and up to 20 pounds on a weeklong fast. Even overweight people can lose close to 50% of their weight making use of a series of administered fasts.

Also, after fasting you will readily lose fats on your body. The body weight normalizes and it is your duty to maintain it.  Therefore, by strictly following this diet you’ll be able to prove for yourself that fasting is a good way in how to lose weight fast without exercise.

After fasting, you must exert efforts in keeping up the achieved normal body weight, but how? It is easy as long as you are disciplined in following the advised methods.  First, you must exercise regularly after returning back to your normal diet.  Since the body’s metabolism has slowed down after fasting, it is significant to burn the calories that you have consumed after returning to your normal food diet.

lose weight fast without exercise

What To Eat While Fasting For Weight Loss

Another important factor to consider while fasting for weight loss is your food choices. Maintaining a normal body weight lies on the food taken, so it is important to have the right food choices in your diet. It is advisable to consume healthy foods that are naturally rich in nutrients.

Don’t forget to avoid fatty foods especially those from fast food chains. Remember that losing weight just requires determination, discipline and effort; you just need to have these traits and succeed in losing weight!

Other people take fasting to a whole different level. Some people follow a certain time scheduled of when to eat and when not to eat which is better better known as  intermittent fasting for weight loss.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting weight loss plan follows a particular eating pattern.  The pattern goes like this: for the first 24 hour period, the person can consume as many amount of food that they want. There are no criteria about the food that the person should consume. It could be food loaded with heavy calories or fat or absolutely healthy – it does not matter.

Intermittent Fasting How To Guide

For the next 24 hour period, the person would have to fast and would have to survive on something basic like water. The water that the person has would be helpful in flushing out the toxins from the body. This cycle has to be repeated. While many might think, they are actually starving for the second 24 hour period, the person would have actually consumed enough for a two day period.

While many people actually believe in following the three meals a day system, the intermittent fasting weight loss plan ignores this system. This plan is based on the caveman’s eating pattern.


The eating pattern of the primitive man was quite similar. The cavemen would go out hunting and when they get a meal, they would have a feast, and after the feast they remain without food for many days. Biologically, humans as animals are aligned to the intermittent fasting pattern.

Although the plan is based on something very primitive, the plan proves to be very healthy and effective. Also the person following intermittent fasting weight loss plan need not have to worry about cutting back the amount of their favorite food consumption.

Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy?

Experts who have studied this diet plan believe that not only would the person stay healthy, but also the person would be able to lead a longer life. Based on the simple method of “eat, fast, eat”, this diet plan is very easy for any person to follow. While other diet plans have a lot of food restrictions and eating schedules, this plan helps one to go out without having to be very cautious about what they eat.

Intermittent Fasting Is Healthy

Since this plan is relatively new, one cannot be very sure of the effects that it may have on the person. The plan might seem very simple and easy to follow, but taking the advice of an expert in this case would be the right thing to do.

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