Paleo Diet Rules, Benefits And Meal Plans Overview

What Is The Paleo Diet?

Is the Paleo (Paleolithic) Diet lifestyle a way you can find the physical benefits you are you looking for? With age, genetics, and biologically dictated changes, the metabolism becomes sluggish. When this happens, it is smart to consider the Paleolithic Diet or the diets of are great ancestors. So, what is the Paleo Diet or also know as the Cave Man Diet?

This biological plan is centered around an ancient nutritional approach to losing weight and staying fit. Unlike other fad diets that end up unsuccessful, this plan involves a total lifestyle change that makes long term weight loss possible for individual genetics makeup. When a person eats meals that are filled with the right foods, it will be possible to feel better and drop unwanted pounds. Here is a closer look at the biologically based Paleolithic Diet and the many benefits that it can bring.

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Beginner’s Guide To The Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic Diet teaches a person how to use the body’s biological needs to lose weight and gain better health. Paleolithic predecessors had a lifestyle that involved hunting and gathering food from the land. These people had the biological need to eat things that were necessary to keep the body healthy. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients involved.

In essence, this diet supports genetics and is the healthiest way you can eat. It is important to adapt to a new lifestyle that closely resembles the diet of Paleolithic predecessors. Robb Wolf, the author of “The Paleo Solution“, explains that it is a nutritional approach that uses genetics to help a person retain energy, strength, and a lean figure.

Paleolithic Diet

Meals Plans Based On The Paleo Diet

Laura Dolson, a health food writer, has set out a protein-packed Paleo Diet food list to help people understand what to eat, and how to take a positive nutritional approach to weight loss. Understanding the building blocks of the diet, learning what to eat, and using individual genetics will make meal plans easier to develop. Consuming these foods will help to build a healthy diet that is biologically balanced and will keep a person strong and at a stable weight.

The Cave Man Diet is a protein-packed lifestyle. Lean protein will keep a person satisfied throughout the day, so biological snacking urges are kept to a minimum. Meals that are protein-packed will help to keep bones healthy, muscles strong, and the immune system functioning properly. Meat and eggs are protein-packed. They are two important foods to incorporate into everyday meal plan. It is best to eat meat that comes from organically fed animals. This will assure that food does not contain harmful chemicals.

Paleo Diet food list

Fruits and vegetables are also part of this nutritional approach to meal plans. Both of these items contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which are biologically necessary to help maintain weight. It is recommended that vegetables should be eaten raw in order to obtain the best nutritional value. Legumes like peas and beans are not allowed. To avoid high levels of sugar, dried fruit and juices should be consumed in moderation.

Nuts and seeds are also a part of the paleolithic diet lifestyle plan. Peanuts are legumes, so they should not be consumed. Oils from plants can be eaten as well. Olive oil, coconut oil, and fish oil are recommended for meal plans.

Drinks are an important part of the Paleo Diet as well. Biologically speaking, water is the best beverage to drink. It is pure and helps the body stay hydrated. It also flushes away toxins. Coffee, alcohol, and any sugary beverage should be avoided. Unsweetened almond milk and coconut milk are often substituted for dairy choices.

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Health Benefits From The Paleo Diet Lifestyle

Since paleolithic predecessors showed low rates of heart attack and stroke, it can be said that the Paleo Diet may lower a person’s risk to develop cardiovascular issues. This biological plan also has helped numerous individuals who have suffered from autoimmune problems. Finally, studies have shown that this diet has helped people with insulin resistant, Type 2 diabetes. This is why many people consider the plan to be the healthiest way that you can eat.

Final Thoughts On The Paleo Diet Lifestyle

When trying to understand “What is the Paleo Diet?”, a person must comprehend genetics and biological traits. This diet plan deals with changing the lifestyle by following the protein-packed plan of Paleolithic predecessors who hunted and gathered food. After a person learns what foods to eat and what to stay away from, it may be possible to drop pounds and increase overall health.

This diet is filled with protein-packed foods and encourages a person to stay away from excess sugar and preservatives. It is based on biologically studied principles that show how a person’s genetics affects the way that the body deals with food. The Paleo Diet food list, set by Laura Dolson, is a helpful way to organize meal plans.

Paleo Diet Lifestyle

Essentially, paleo is more of a lifestyle — it gives guidelines for what to eat, but beyond that, you are free to tailor the diet to your own tastes. Use the opportunity to try things you never have before, or fix familiar foods in new and exciting ways. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to “paleofy” all of your favorite dishes right away. Remember you’re choosing to change the way you live.

But don’t look at this new healthy lifestyle change as being the death of comfort foods, either. Once you’ve established your new, healthy paleo lifestyle, your cravings for unhealthy foods will diminish, and allowing yourself the occasional planned indulgence won’t let those cravings take over again.

In the end, The Paleolithic Diet is a simple way to use biological principles to maintain a good weight and lower the likelihood of developing health problems.

Where to Go for More Information On The Paleo Lifestyle

To learn more about whether a paleo diet plan is right for you, here are a few places you can turn:

Joel Runyon (, who offers meal plans and in-depth guides to the paleo diet.

Sebastien Noel (, who has dealt with multiple health issues that led to a vested interest in healthy eating and living.

Dr. Loren Cordain (, who literally wrote the book on the paleo diet and is considered one of the foremost experts in the field.

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