And there’s another conditioning system from Scott Sonnon, Tactical Gymnastics (TACGYM). This is another evolutionary step after TacFitu, about which we wrote on our site.

And unlike TacFit, me personally, this seems more complicated, so for our purposes we can simplify it back into a form that is understandable and yet not lose its original purpose.

TacGym Review

Tactical Gymnastics (TacGym) contains twelve missions, which are divided into three categories and then into four levels of difficulty, where the Delta level is for beginners and Alpha is intended for the most advanced students:

FUBAR – Delta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha

SNAFU – Delta, Gamma , Beta Alpha

Tarf – Delta, Gamma, Beta Alpha

It includes additional components (Archimedes recovery, Healing Body Rolling and staff), but these parts will not discuss here already. As I wrote at the beginning, Scott Sonnon will not hide the fact that it goes against the general rule of KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid), because they believe that it is necessary to capture all possible aspects, and those who make everything easy to lose sight of the goal (SISS – Stuck In Simplistic Stupidity).

For Sonnona man unfortunately needs almost to college to understand all the conditions and rules that must be followed. However, the good news is that it can be simplified to an acceptable level and still retain its original purpose. And this way we went too.

Tactical Gymnastics – book TacGym is to increase the intensity of individual exercises and the practice and overall coordination, which is also needed in martial arts and sports, rather than a constant acceleration repetition.

Moreover, it is built, as well as TacFit to different movements that you practice could be very easily adapted to the practice, which I personally consider a great plus when a trainer for training, for example, 90 minutes of the 90 minutes must be fully exploited.

Therefore, anything that will allow him to combine business with pleasure, warmly welcomes (yes, fitness exercises consider the pleasant part exercises thus improving overall motor skills and this is done under various stress factors, such as short time to complete, a short time to rest or more difficult movements than in the previous level.

The whole system is built on the development of six basic categories of movement: lifting (up and down), pushing / pulling (forward and backward), swing (right, left), scrolling, throwing and swinging. Because the system is divided into four categories, allowing you to train both beginners as well as advanced students. Let’s look at each category and exercises (mention the original name, to avoid confusion)

SNAFU – exercises 4 x 4 minutes x 1 minute rest

Choose your level of difficulty (beginner Delta = Alpha = advanced). Each level has four exercises. One exercise is practiced nonstop (maximum repetitions) for four minutes and then a one minute break. Then goes further exercise.

Level Delta contains the following exercises:

Angled Lunge


Duck Squaw

Hip Shrimp level

Gamma includes the following exercises:

Angled Cossack Crawl

Roll Crow

Hop Dead

Leg Shrimp levels of

Beta contains the following exercises:

Arm Screw Cossack

Rouch Roll Kong


Tank Level

Alpha contains the following exercises:

Long Arm

Dive Roll

Roll Ape

Step Forvard Tank

FUBAR – maximum repetitions, circuit training

Choose your level of difficulty (beginner Delta = Alpha = advanced). Circuit training with four exercises. One circuit = first exercise 21 reps, 13 reps second exercise, the third exercise 8 reps and fourth exercise for 5 reps (the more observant you’ll notice the Fibonacci number sequence). The whole thing runs 20 minutes.

Level Delta contains the following exercises:

Bird Dog

Mountain Climber

Rear Roll Deck

Squat level

Gamma includes the following exercises:

Gecko Burpee

Knee-in Slide (ALT) levels

Beta contains the following exercises:

Base Switch (front)

Tadpole Neck Roll Slide (cont) level

Alpha contains The following exercises:

Base Switch (alt)

Quah Sprawl Worm (inverted)

Screwing Pushup

Tarf – exercises 5 x 90 seconds x 30 seconds Rest x 2 wheels

Choose your level of difficulty (beginner Delta = Alpha = advanced). Work out the first exercise 90 seconds – maximum repetition. Rest 30 seconds. Another exercise 90 seconds, etc.

The whole cycle repeat five times the level of Delta contains the following exercises:

Flat Foot 180

Turtle Roll

Mountain Climber ½

Leg Thread Hip Shrimp

level Gamma includes the following exercises:

Shin Creep Long Leg

Roll Hip Drop

Burpee Full Leg

Thread Dead Leg Shrimp

Level Beta contains the following exercises:

Shin Swing Swing

Leg Quah Worm

Turtle Bridge

Backward Tank

Level Alpha contains the following exercises:

Shin Roll Double
Leg Swoop

Standing Worm Grand

And what are the personal impressions? It’s more challenging than TacFit quickly and are familiar with advances in overall condition. Personally, I think that even in the coordination of arm and leg in the overall development of motor skills is seen noticeable progress.

The vast majority of systems from Sonnona builds on comprehensive load and focuses on the fastest possible recovery. Because Sonnon believe in fighting ring wins or not so whoever is stronger and faster, but the one who is able to recover faster and thus last longer.

For those of you who would like to know more about the names of individual categories, I’ve got an explanation. These abbreviations come from the army and mostly characterize the current state of the battlefield. It is similar abbreviations such as BTW (By The Way – by the way) and FYI (For Your Information – For your information).

The above shortcuts, however, are not so decent and so is the mention to footnotes for those who would feel outrage language used: SNAFU – Situation Normal, All F.cked Up – Situation normal, all is p.deli FUBAR – F. cked Up Beyond All Recognition – It seems like everything is p.deli Tarf – Things Are Really F.cked Up – Everything is really p.deli

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