Yoga Burn Review

The Yoga Burn Program is a 12-week progressive yoga program created by Zoe B. Cotton who is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor to help women achieve a toned, healthy and attractive body in the comfort of their homes.

It includes videos and bonus audio files that help you to carry out a variety of sequences and poses to get the most out of yoga. Here’s more about this program:

How It Works

The Yoga Burn System for women is structured around dynamic sequencing, a unique approach which enables you grow with time. The poses and sequences are designed to become more challenging as you move from one phase of the workouts to another, so you can get better results from yoga.

What You Get

Zoe has divided her yoga secrets into 3 phases, each with a series of instructional videos that are easy to follow. Here is a description of each of them:

Phase 1 – Foundational Flow

This phase is created to enable beginners build a strong yoga foundation, to enable them to perform every pose effectively and safely. You also be able to build a strong body-mind link, which will come in handy in controlling your muscles in the later phases of the program.

Phase 2 – Transitional Flow

In this phase, you will learn how to combine the poses in the 1st phase into specific sequences that will eliminate problems areas in your body and improve your spirits.

Phase 3 – Mastery Flow

In this phase, you will be shown how to combine everything you have learned in the above two phases to ignite your metabolism, helping you to achieve a  toned body faster.

Bonuses: Included with the 3 phases of instructional videos are the following bonuses:

Downloadable Audio Version

There’s an audio version of each video in every phase, which you can download and put on any music device (iPod, smart phone etc.) and listen to any time. This allows you to practice yoga freely anywhere you wish

The Tranquility Flow

These are exercise videos that are designed to help your body release negative energy and relax. They are great whenever you want to de-stress.

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This yoga burn video demonstrates how to maximize every workout by doing them the right way, at the right time and with the right resources available to you.

Pros & Cons Of The Yoga Burn Program


Grow as You Practice

Yoga Burn DVD provides personalized instructions that accommodate women with different levels of yoga experience. The sequences become more challenging as you move from one phase to the next, ensuring that you grow as you practice. No repetitive poses like in traditional yoga classes.


One great thing about this system is that you only need to pay a one-time fee to gain complete access to it and keep it forever. Note that you will also need to buy a basic yoga mat to keep your body comfortable while working out. However, it is still far much cheaper than the amount of money you would spend on gym membership and transportation.


Zoe employs dynamic sequencing in this system to help you maximize results. Each sequence and pose are selected carefully to enable you to tone your shape and muscles, and get that yoga booty you have always wanted.


With this program, you can practice yoga whenever you want at the comfort of your home. No more long drives to a traditional yoga class or people judging you when you pose the wrong way

60-day Full Money Back Guarantee

he program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, which means you can try it risk free for a whole 2 months, and if you’re not satisfied, you get your full money back; no questions asked.


Designed Mostly for Beginners

Without a doubt, this program contains lots of unique and strategic moves geared towards making women fitter and healthier. However, only those with zero to moderate yoga experience will find Yoga Burn System useful. If you have similar or even more experience than the creator, you may not benefit from it. 


The Yoga Burn DVD set is a great program for all women who want to lose excess weight and attain a well-toned body naturally. You really have nothing to lose by trying it out considering that the creator offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Overall, it’s highly recommended.

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